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Empowering people who feel anxious, stressed, lost or overwhelmed to thrive

Pippa Menzies, Counsellor

From surviving to thriving

Are you fed up of listening to that constant negative soundtrack in your head? Tired of feeling anxious, stressed or overwhelmed? Consumed by self-doubt and struggling to know which way to turn? Feel like you're just surviving, rather than thriving in life?

Hi, I'm Pippa, a qualified counsellor specialising in helping adults who feel anxious, overwhelmed or lost in negative thinking to thrive. 


I offer a safe, confidential and welcoming space - either face-to-face in Eastbourne, East Sussex, or online - for you to talk through your struggles and together we'll find effective tools for you to manage the difficulties you're facing and cultivate the life you want to lead.

Reaching out and asking for support can be daunting, but I'll make it as stress-free as possible. So, if you're ready to make a change in your life and want to see if I'm the right therapist for you, do get in touch.

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Learn to tame


I work with people who feel anxious, constantly worried or who are experiencing panic attacks to


  • understand their anxiety and what's causing it 

  • recognise and manage the physical symptoms

  • find effective tools to manage their anxiety and achieve their goals in life

Develop greater


I support people to develop healthier self-esteem by helping them to

  • Notice and manage inner critical thinking

  • Develop self-compassion

  • Build positive relationships

  • Recognise their strengths

  • Develop healthy boundaries and learn to say 'no'

Quieten your

Inner critic 

I help people  change the inner voice in their head from perfectionist, critical or bullying to calm, encouraging and nurturing by supporting them to

  • Tune into their inner voice

  • Challenge negative thinking patterns

  • Reduce the power of the inner voice

  • Cultivate kindness and self-compassion 


Suicidal feelings

I provide a safe space for people to share their suicidal thoughts and feelings and to work on ways to find meaning, purpose and joy in their lives.

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts and need to talk with someone right now, you can call the Samaritans on 116123, 24-hours a day. Calls are free and will not appear on an itemised bill.


If you would like to book an introductory meeting,

I'd love to hear from you